Take part in the Dynamic Font Day 2016.
Fees include coffee and lunch.

If you become a member of tgm first, you can benefit from smaller fees not only for this event.


You will be forwarded to our ticketing partner doo, where you can pay with credit card or paypal.

Event Cancellation
For the avoidance of doubt, please notice that in case of low numbers of registrations, we may have to cancel the event. In this case the full ticket price will be refunded to you.
We do not take responsibility for any further costs involved in the cancellation of the event, such as hotel or travel cancellation fees.

Ticket Cancellation and Transfer
In case you can’t participate in the event that you registered for, a cancellation is possible 4 weeks prior of the event. Afterwords tickets are non-refundable.
You can transfer your ticket to another person of your choice. For organisational reasons though, name changes must be submitted no later than 7 days prior to the event!

Tgm is not liable for the loss of items (bags, clothes etc.) you will bring with you.